Why Your Website’s Load Time Is Slow

frustrated with Website's Load Time Is Slow

Frustrating. No one wants to have a website that runs slow. A site that’s loading at a snail’s pace can be a detriment to your success as a business owner or blogger. So if your website is taking minutes to load then you know you’re losing potential visitors. Try to address the following 4 reasons why your website’s load time is slow and make the necessary adjustments.

1. Too many plug ins

Having too many can weigh your website down and slow your load time. Your site may need several plugins for it to function the way you want, but there are probably some you can leave out. If you’re running a lot of plugins, this is going to slow things down.

2. Large images and videos

Media files especially video tend to be quite large and take a long time to load up. If you have a ton of oversized images on your website, you’re adding extra time to load for each picture. Optimize your images to help decrease their size and load faster. Video can be hosted on YouTube and then embedded on your website’s pages or linked on blog posts.

3. Messy code

There are times your website’s coding can get a little messy which will take much longer to load. When you make your website, you can compress your code to a reduced file size and improve the overall page load time. Web designers don’t like junky coding. It’s messy, confusing and an unnecessary reason to slow down your site.

4. Bad hosting

If your site is clean and you’ve done your best to minify code or compress images or videos then you may want to contact your hosting provider for help. Sometimes websites load slowly because of the server. Low quality or free web hosting service are usually associated with slow loading and poor client support. A good web hosting service provider makes a significant difference with your website’s performance.

Loading time is a major factor that determines whether a visitor stays or abandons your website. The average user has no time to wait for your site to load. Make the necessary fixes to ensure your web pages load faster. You should aim at getting your site’s load time to be between 2 to 3 seconds.

Fast load times keep your viewer’s interests, here are 3 more reasons to keep your audience engaged on your website.

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