Why Is Facebook Advertising For Local Businesses So Powerful?

Why Is Facebook Advertising For Local Businesses So Powerful?

It’s a no-brainer. Everyone’s on Facebook, even Aunt Susan and Granny Mae are there! Facebook has become the world’s largest social media platform with over 2.50 billion monthly active users (MAU) by year’s end of 2019. With over 1.6 billion signing on daily, Facebook is the KING of paid social media advertising.  (Source: Facebook). It’s easy to see why Facebook advertising for local businesses is so powerful. First, there is a strong likelihood your target customers are there. Second, using precise targeting methods means you can reach them like never before. With a targeted Facebook campaign, you can place your business in front of the right audience you’d have little hope of reaching elsewhere.

Here’s why Facebook advertising for local businesses is so powerful and why your business should be advertising on there too:

Mountain of Data

Facebook collects a massive amount of data from user interests, behaviors, and demographics. Remember all the questions you’ve answered on your profile, like what is your favorite movie, music, etc? Facebook’s giant database of information is key to building your marketing strategy. There’s so much valuable data on customers, including the products they like and buy, where they shop, etc. Having access to all the data Facebook provides can help structure your campaigns.

Target a narrow audience

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising. With all this wealth of data, it’s a serious opportunity for your business to connect with your exact audience. You can advertise to people based on their demographics, location, interests, and even behaviors. Facebook ads gets your message in front of the right people that are most likely to want your products or services. If you research who your customers are, you can use Facebook ads to connect with them. Targeting is one of the most powerful ways Facebook advertising for local businesses is so powerful.


Let’s face it. The average Facebook user is bored. You can typically find people scrolling through their news feed to stare at pics and videos. Since this is the perfect time to get their attention and engage with your company’s brand, it’s no wonder Facebook advertising has been so successful for many businesses. If you know who your customers are, align the right ads with a relevant content strategy. As long as it geared toward their needs, readers will engage with them.

Interact with your audience

Facebook gives you opportunities to extend your interactions with customers through posts, comments and in answering questions. As you continue communicating with prospects, your credibility continues to build. Your authority increases as more people become familiar with your brand. Interacting with your audience allows you to make connections, so they’re more likely to purchase your products or services when it’s time to buy.

Your Competition

It’s safe to say your competitors are advertising on Facebook. In the third quarter of 2019, it was reported that 7 million businesses use Facebook Ads to promote their products or services (Source: Facebook). What is the takeaway? Not advertising there is like handing over a huge chunk of business to your competitors who are. More and more small businesses are realizing that advertising with this social media giant can help increase their web traffic, leads and sales. If your competition realizes how powerful Facebook advertising is for local businesses, why don’t you?


If you’re thinking of using the power of social media to advertise your products or services, Facebook Ads should definitely be a part of your online marketing strategy. But to be effective, it must be done right. Unfortunately for many small business owners, the idea of using social media can be overwhelming.

Some small business owners feel social media is a waste of time. There are however, those that recognize  the importance of running Facebook ads. They’re just not sure where to begin. This is understandable given all of the many options out there.

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