Why Google Domains is My Favorite Registrar

Why Google Domains is My Favorite Registrar

We are always on the lookout for tools and options that make our lives easier, and in this case although it may not seem like a big deal Google Domains has done just that. Not only does Google offer domain name registration starting at just $12/year, the offer (my favorite part) domain name privacy for FREE! Yes, that’s right FREE Domain privacy. That’s a big deal for a couple of reasons… 01) it saves me about $15/year (if I chose to add it with another registrar) AND 02) I don’t have to waste my time with all the spam emails I get without the privacy option.

Google Domains also has a really great, snappy and intuitive interface for managing domains… which again makes our lives easier.


Only $12/year
FREE Domain Name Privacy
Easy to use interface


None that I could identify just yet.

Google Domains

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