When Your Website Is Dead

When Your Website Is Dead

Your website is performing less than expected. You’re not converting, much less getting any visitors, so what’s really going on? You were so excited when it was finally up and running but ever since its launch you’ve noticed you’re hardly getting any traffic. When your not converting visitors into clients, your website is dead. …sound familiar?

You see, websites don’t just work out on their own. If your overall design isn’t good and people aren’t connecting with your brand then anyone landing on your site probably won’t be converting into leads. With low traffic and hardly any conversions, it’s no wonder your website is dead. Let’s get you some help with that!

Before we address what needs to be done to bring life back to your site, we’ll have to figure out why your website isn’t performing. The best way to get started is to understand what’s going on when a visitor lands on your website. In other words, get the real perspective of your potential customer visiting your site.

So take a good look at your website and ask yourself the following:

Is my website welcoming?

Does your website feel welcoming enough to invite others into making a connection with your brand? In other words, does it feel warm and inviting? Or does it feel like your website is dead cold, like a boring corporate brochure rattling off their features no one really cares about?

Also consider:

  1. Are my visitors finding the info they need on my website?
  2. Is my website clearly structured and easy to use?
  3. Are my potential clients completing the desired call-to-actions that I want them to take?

Is my website full of unnecessary content?

Could your web pages be crammed full of text? Does it appear cluttered or busy with information your reader doesn’t want, need or even bother to read?

Consider the next scenario of a visitor landing on your website. Let’s call this prospective customer of yours, Joe. He’s interested in a particular service you offer and is looking for a testimonial. Your online visitor lands on your new website but after spending several minutes on your home page, gets frustrated and leaves without the info he wanted.

Joe hits the backspace key and officially bounces out. Too many visitors like Joe, means your website isn’t converting and sort of feeling like a ghost town with rolling tumbleweeds. Yes, your website is dead.

Sometimes the problem in your website isn’t complicated at all. It may simply be your website is overwhelming your reader with too many choices. Often than not, the more choices you give to people, the easier it is to overwhelm them in choosing absolutely nothing. Can you see how the same concept applies to your website? The more options your readers have on your website, the more difficult it is for them to use.

So, what can you do? When your website is dead, you can do several things about it!

Clean house! Work through your site and eliminate all unnecessary choices. Get rid of the clutter to create a clearer, more user-friendly website. Focus on eliminating distracting options throughout the design process.

Is it just plain confusing?

What’s the next worst thing about landing on a website full of junk? A site that’s difficult to navigate or understand.

The easier your website is to use, the more people will use it and are likely to share it.

Take a tour of your website’s functionality. As long as your visitors can complete the tasks they want without interruption or complication, you’re good to go.

Is my website designed to have a clear call to action?

Is your client unclear as to what services you’re offering? Would he know what to do next?

Design impacts a user’s behavior. A poorly designed website will make it difficult for them to take your desired action.

Maybe you want your reader to sign up for your newsletter, or take advantage of a promotional offer? Would your customer know exactly what to do?

Everything starts with defining the specific desired behavior or action. It’s about what you want your visitor to ultimately do.

Great web designers do much more than making sure your website isn’t crappy. They will also create that next step for users to follow through on your desired goal.

The best web designers will build a functional and effective website based on conversions. Do you want your visitors to sign up for email, make a reservation or set up an appointment for one of your services?

Ideally your customer will be ready to commit and convert to precisely what you want them to do. The more motivated people are to do a behavior, the more likely they will do it. Right?

If you need help getting more engagement and more leads from your website, let us know here.

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