What To Include In The About Me Page

What to include in your About Me Page

We often get clients asking us “What should I include in my About Me page?” This is an important question because your About Me page is the section that people will arrive on to learn all there is about your business. Viewers want to learn who you are as a brand and what you’re really about. They also want to know how you’re going to provide them value in exchange for their time. Clearly indicate what it is you can offer them.

So, what’s the best way to start? We’ve got your back, below are the most important items you should have if you’re clueless on what to include in the About Me page.

Here’s what you should include in your About Me page:

(1) Your personal bio info

This is where you unmask the person behind the business. Include a nice picture of yourself and a brief description. While you want to thoughtfully indicate who you are, why it is you do what you do, and how you plan to add value to your customers––make sure to keep this section of your About Me page short. People don’t want to spend a lot of time reading.

(2) Your Experience

Experience may be an obvious element of what to include in your About Me page. This is the section of your About Me page that you’ll want to show your credibility and superiority within your industry. Talk about your professional achievements and what you’re learning to always be better at your craft. Talk about your experiences on how you stay ahead in order to let people know exactly why you are the best person in your particular field.

(3) Provide Links to Your Other Content

As much as you show who you are as a brand in your About Me page, you also want to provide links that source information about you elsewhere on or offsite. You can link to your social media profiles, your other websites, freelance work you’ve done and feel proud of, as well as any articles that you’ve published. Accolades should definitely be on this section of what to include in the About Me page of your website. Include any mention of your brand elsewhere if you’ve been interviewed or spotlighted.

Almost there…
Now put these elements together and organize your answers into paragraphs. And that’s it! You will want to make sure your About Me page includes the above elements to convince your visitor you are the “it” choice.

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