Website or Facebook Business Page – Which one do I need?

Website or Facebook Business Page – Which one do I need?

Your website or Facebook? They’re both powerful beasts, yet two completely different media outlets.

Some companies believe having only a Facebook business page will do, thinking their business can function well without a website. While others believe there’s very little importance with customer interactions on a social media platform like Facebook.  These companies think a website alone is enough.

So which one do you need? Which powerhouse is absolutely needed for your business to succeed?

Ha! Trick question.

Working together

You don’t just need one. You will need both. Think of your website as home or your business headquarters, and your Facebook page as a satellite that advertises to your audience with posts and paid ads.

Both your website and Facebook can work in harmony. Think of the Facebook world as a marketing channel that funnels traffic directly to your website. You can then use your website’s landing pages for offers, blog posts to inform and guides to educate your readers. Use your website to establish customer relationships.

Can you see how combining the power of your website with Facebook ads and your marketing efforts will take you farther? These two beasts working together will extend your reach.

What Facebook is not

Remember that Facebook is not a marketplace. So don’t use FB ads or your business page to push products or to sell your services. You won’t get any luck with that.

You see, Facebook is a social place for people to hang out, watch videos and look at pictures. They aren’t there to buy stuff so don’t try to sell anything there. It’s kind of like going to a birthday party but instead of socializing, you’re passing out business cards to people that aren’t interested.

What Facebook is

What you should do is use Facebook for branding. Utilize Facebook to get people familiar with your brand. Give away meaningful content that people will want. You can build interest on Facebook and then send leads back to your website. Once leads land on your website, reach out and nurture customer relationships. Do this right and earn the opportunity later to convert visitors into leads and customers.

Website or Facebook Business Page together

Are you beginning to understand how one benefits the other?

If you’re running a Facebook campaign, send all your leads home to your site. Whenever people click on your ad offers, send them to a dedicated landing page on your website. Depending on which stage of the funnel your prospect is in, use the appropriate call to action to get that click and convert. People can read your blog. They can subscribe to your email newsletters. They may even become a paying customer.


If you want to grow your business, draw traffic to your website by directing leads there. You can get a boost from paid ads by starting a Facebook campaign. With Facebook you can land prospects and then funnel readers back to your website.

The process becomes less complicated when you remember that your website is home base.

Still think your business can do without one? Operating without a website means you’re actually taking your business out of the game. Click here to read more.

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