The #1 Mistake Businesses Are Making Right Now During Quarantine

The #1 Mistake Businesses Are Making Right Now During Quarantine

Since Coronovirus is a scary reality right now, we’ve been doing our part by reading up all we can on the virus, washing hands more often and through practicing social distancing to end Covid 19. But we also want to remind businesses we’re still here for you. We want you to avoid what we’re seeing as the #1 mistake businesses are making right now during quarantine.

Earlier this week my husband and I put our heads together to figure out what other role we could play to helping out our local businesses and amazing community through this tough time.

Unfortunately at crisis times like these, there’s a tendency for fear to cause some business owners to pull the plug on their marketing. It’s understandable. With so many businesses having to close their brick and mortar doors, efforts are spent on looking at different ways to save and minimize their overhead.

But dealing with their financial concerns by pulling back on paid advertising is a big mistake. In fact, business owners should take this opportunity to advertise more with Facebook ads. You might ask, why?

People are spending a greater time online now, more than ever before. Think of how much screen time you’ve spent lately?  With so many adults working from home and children taking online classes, we’re all blowing up social media! People are using Facebook even more these days as a distraction or to stay connected. This is exactly why you want your business to be in front of them!

With businesses either slowing down or temporarily closing during this pandemic, this common reaction for business owners to stop their social media advertising efforts may seem valid at first. They’re assuming the ad expense isn’t necessary if people aren’t spending as much time and money shopping right now.

But if you’re one of the smarter business owners, you already know FB advertising for your website should always be an ongoing effort to keep your business relevant. There’s little reason for business owners to stop marketing and it’s the #1 mistake we’re seeing businesses are making right now during quarantine.

Besides, whether people are buying or tightening their wallets right now, you should always want their eyes on you! You can get much valued views to your website with social media advertising through Facebook ads.

For all those consumers who are still actively purchasing, you want your business to definitely be in front of them. This is a no-brainer. If business owners stop advertising, people will have no choice but to look at ad campaigns from the competition!

And for those who aren’t buying right now, don’t fret because they will later. Now is the time for building relationships and connecting with potential customers. You want these people familiarizing themselves with your company’s brand. This way when normalcy resumes and they make a purchase, they will choose you. After all, when people are ready to buy, they do from companies they know and trust.

So, which business will you be during this unprecedented time? Will fear of uncertainty take hold of you, cause you to struggle and fold? Or will you rise, thrive and prosper? I’ll tell you what the smartest businesses will do. They see this time as an opportunity to market their business via paid FB ads to get ahead.

If you need assistance with your Facebook ads marketing, let us know here. We’ve reduced our service rates to accommodate cash strapped businesses during quarantine. Contact us, we’re here to help.

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