Researching Your Keywords For Your Business Website

research your keywords

Although the thought of researching your keywords for your business website may sound intimidating, I suggest not putting it off. Finding the right keywords for your business to focus on, is a critical phase of your website build and any sound marketing project.

Think about it. While your website doesn’t need a lot of views, it does require the right kind of traffic from people you want to target. So, in order to generate targeted traffic to your site, determine the precise wording or phrase your customers would use (Google) to find your business.

In other words, figure out which keywords a customer would type in their search query when looking for your product or service. An easy way to do this is to use words from your persona’s profile. If you haven’t created a persona yet, here’s a link to last week’s post on how to do so.

The more user-centered keywords you incorporate into your website, the higher the likelihood you’ll come up in their search results. Focusing on your keywords helps determine the structure and design of your website. In fact, researching targeted keywords steers your online marketing campaign and search engine optimization (SEO) in the right direction.

That’s why if you’re a business owner wanting to take your business online, then researching the right keywords for your website is a critical step.

Keyword Research

Narrow Your Focus with 2 Questions:

1. Who is your website best geared towards?

Determine who your ideal clients are and then find out what they’re all about. Because if you don’t know everything there is about your target audience, you won’t know how to best communicate with them.

And if you don’t know how to talk to your target customer, then how will you offer an effective solution to their problem?

If your web designer is anything like me, his primary aim is to create the best website for your business that supports your business goals. So skipping out on researching your keywords would be like tanking your website’s findability, well before its completion.

And you wouldn’t want that, right? Researching your keywords is important stuff!

So, Here’s What You’ll Want To Focus On:

  • Finding out who your customers are. Lock in on that particular segment of people you want to communicate with directly.
  • Making a connection. If you find who you want to focus on, then you can learn how best to talk to them, and give em’ what they want!
  • 2. What is the purpose of your website?

  • Is your website’s intention clear to your audience? Do you want customers to make a purchase? Maybe, you’d rather your clients contact you for service? What about a subscription to your newsletter with their email address? Whatever purpose your website has, clearly indicate what it is you’re offering.
  • Reveal what your key selling points are. Uncover the “why” since it’s not only what you’re selling that’s important, but also why customers should buy from you. In other words, what makes your product or service different from your competitors?

Knowing these key points allows your web designer to structure a user-focused website, which can then be directed to marketing your products to your targeted clients.

This is why researching your keywords is a critical step that should be completed at the onset of your web design and build stage, not after, when you’re left scratching your head as to why your new website isn’t working for you.

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