Gym Marketing: Referral Tips (Top 5)

Gym Marketing: Referral Tips

The best form of advertising is always word-of-mouth. Are you getting referrals from your current members?

Most personal trainers are picking up new clients based on internal referrals. It’s awesome when a happy client talks about you and sends someone your way.

But what if you’re not doing 100% you can to maximize this simple referral generating lead?

People are more likely to buy a product or service that is recommended by a friend or family member. You can turn them into promoters to help grow your gym business. Encourage your members to get the word out and provide testimonials or stories of their gym experiences. The key is providing added incentives for them to do so!

What kind of incentives?

Here are 5 creative marketing promos and ways you can reward your clients when their referrals sign up:

01 Couples Specials

Take your significant other in for a free class. After their partner signs up with you, you can thank your current client by discounting next month’s membership fee.

02 Bring Mom in for Free

You don’t have to wait till mother’s day to offer this. Moms benefit because they don’t have to try your gym alone, and daughters can benefit when their moms sign up with a free personal training session as a thank you!

03 Bring a Friend for Free

Ok, you’ve seen this done a lot. Offer a 3-day free package to her friend and sell them up on their final day. Don’t forget to thank your client with something good! Do you sell a product or apparel? If so, a sweet discount they can use toward that would be a nice way to show your appreciation.

04 Create a Greeting Card for Clients to Share

A thoughtful gift that makes it easier to share with friends since its something tangible their guests can bring in and redeem.

05 Send an Email Your Clients Can Forward to Friends

Something simple can work like "My schedule just opened up and I can take on several new clients. If you know anyone who is interested please let them know I have some slots available to work with." You can offer a free personal training session for both client and guest to sweeten the deal.

Bonus Tip:

Free Bottle of Water. If you’re uneasy about discounting your services or giveaways then why not hand out a free bottle of water to your members after they check in on social media? Their Facebook friends and family will see they’re working out at your gym.

Your current members are your greatest advocates. They’re more likely to refer a friend or tell others about their positive workout so when developing your marketing plan, don’t forget to look internally for marketing options.

Remember it’s totally ok to ask your clients for referrals Whether it’s once a month, or even twice monthly, go ahead and ask. Just take care to not come off as desperate. You wouldn’t want to send your clients the impression you aren’t busy. A great personal trainer is always a busy one!

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