Are Websites Still Necessary?

Are Websites Still Necessary?

Are websites still necessary? “Small companies don’t need websites anymore”, said no successful business owner ever…

Perhaps you’re under the impression that having a Yelp listing or Facebook business page will do.

Most business owners I come across understand the significance a website plays in the growth and success of their business, and that’s a good thing.

But every now and then I’m asked, “Do I still need a website?” Or “I have a Facebook page, I think that will do. So is a website really all that necessary? ”

The short answer is YES.

It’s no surprise why people second guess the need for a website. In fact, I totally get why people turn to sites like Yelp or Amazon first for information. I sometimes start that way too when looking up reviews.  Eventually though, I head over to a company’s main site. I know I’ll find the most accurate information if I want to learn more or when I’m ready to make a purchase.

Consider your website as the central hub that hosts information you get to control. Sure, the majority of your reviews might be biased towards positive praise but your website will always be the best representation of your business.

Cost or Investment?

“I’m not spending $4,000 for a website I don’t even need.”

I find that most businesses who think they could do without a website, are really questioning its initial investment over necessity.  From this perspective of the customer, it’s more to do with cost than anything else.

Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth because the reality is, your business cannot afford to exist without one.

Social Media

There will be those who insist that a profile with social media channels like Facebook, Linked in, or directory listings have more advantages. But that’s another situation entirely.

Social media is a powerful tool for online marketing as it draws attention to you and ideally to your main hub.

Leveraging social media for online exposure should eventually funnel your clients back to your website.

Service Oriented?

And don’t think websites are only for companies offering products, it’s equally as important even if you aren’t selling anything directly online. All the service-oriented local businesses such as landscaping services, realtors or hair salons can be hurting without a website too.

So yes, you better believe your business still requires one.

Your website makes you a professional at your business. Don’t take unnecessary chances with someone questioning your credibility because you don’t have one. <!–But if this still doesn’t convince you, read on to my 7 Reasons Why Businesses Today Still Need One.–>

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