7 Questions Your Web Designer Should Be Asking You

7 Questions Your Web Designer Should Be Asking You

One of the chief complaints I hear clients say of their former web designer is, “He just doesn’t listen to me.” That’s sad because if your designer isn’t listening, it means you’re getting the short end of the stick. One way I let my clients know I’m listening is by asking questions and making sure I don’t interrupt them while they’re talking. This way I can get to the root of the problem, address their needs, and offer meaningful solutions to their website’s design. I always ask my clients a lot of questions–a sampling of questions during our initial phone conversation, again during the consultation, and several more before I begin their project. But there are 7 critical questions your web designer should be asking you, that prevail over all others in importance. I’m always sure to ask these, want to know what they are?

Here are 7 questions your web designer should be asking you:

    1. What challenges do you have with your current website? What would you like to see improve? If your designer doesn’t know what you like or dislike about your current website, how will he improve it?
    2. What are your primary goals for your website? What about secondary goals? An experienced web designer should ask you this question in order to lay out your website’s build.
    3. Who is your target audience? Describe your typical client. An awesome designer will find out who you want to reach and will structure your website accordingly to focus on this client.
    4. Who are your competitors? Do you have sample websites that you like? Knowing who your competitors are and including samples, lets your designer determine the overall feel of your website.
    5. What kind of assets will you provide for your website? (photos, images, videos, etc.) This gives us a head start on what to include in your website and determine if professional stock images should be considered.
    6. Do you have a content writer on your staff? This is a huge time saver for both designer and client because it can avoid delays to completing your web project. Unless you have a staff member tasked with writing, your designer should have access to a content writer.
    7. What is the best way to contact you for timely progress check-ins or questions? You wouldn’t believe how important this question is. I once dealt with a client that went on vacation right before we began working on their website. With no point person who could reliably respond to questions or changes, valuable time was wasted that delayed the project. Not my happiest moment. Always ask.

So that’s all for now. These 7 questions your web designer should be asking you should be addressed right from the start before beginning any web project, responsibly.

Do you have an existing brand you would like to see continued in your website design? Your website establishes your brand authority and lets you connect with your customers. If you have an existing brand, a good designer will ensure your website incorporates it into your website build.

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