6 Benefits of SEO to Your Website: Maintaining a Blog

6 Benefits of SEO to Your Website: Maintaining a Blog

First, what’s SEO?

Search engine optimization ultimately helps your customers find your business online. Applying SEO to your website is a major component of a successful website marketing campaign. When your company’s website ranks high in the search results for specific keywords that match what people are looking for, they’re likely to become potential customers that spend money on your business.

Why is applying SEO to your website important?

Incorporating SEO to your website is a must to be competitive. By applying SEO to your blogs you can attract more visitors who are looking for exactly the products and services you offer.

High rankings is the goal for any company looking to get a boost from their SEO efforts. That’s why content that targets select keywords is imperative to your business blogging. Maintaining a company blog can give you that boost in search rankings favoring you over your competitors. This is why you pay good copywriters to write.

The majority of business blogs consist of company news which can be totally boring to most readers. But when used sparingly and combined with other newsworthy posts, blogging can offer a rich insight into the nature of your company.

The key is to blog about something worthwhile that’s innovative, informative and exciting. When potential clients get to know and like you through your blog posts, they’re more likely to trust your company.

Company blogs bring real SEO benefits to your website. See just how:

1. Regular Updates

The more frequent your website can dish out new content, the more relevance search engines will give your site over a competitor. A schedule of one to two new blog posts per week ensures your website stays fresh and updated. Ever heard of search engine spiders? They’re your friendly search bots who love crawling the internet and indexing new content. Regular updates to your blogs is one way of applying SEO to your website that will help you attract more visitors who are looking for the exact products and services you offer.

Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

Companies tend to target short terms or phrases (keywords) in their blog content which are more likely to be overly competitive.

What we’ve learned over time is much of the search engine traffic results actually come from long-tail keyword phrases which are directly related to the short keywords that are targeted. Focusing on these secondary related keywords (long-tail) on your blogs, can boost your search engine rankings and findability.

4. Backlinks

Awesome blog content is engaging, informative, and entertaining. If your readers love your posts, they’ll most likely want to share it with others. If a highly relevant website links back to you, then you’re building a quality backlink that helps search engines understand your website better, and boosts SEO to your website.

5. Internal Linking Applies SEO

When you link from one of your posts to another using a clickable keyword phrase, you’re signaling to the search engine spiders to pay attention to the relevancy and assign value to that linked-to content.

This process is called interlinking. It shows search engines your targeted content’s value that is most relevant to a searcher’s query. Smart internal linking means a visitor will spend longer exploring your website and the potential for becoming a customer increases. The more visitor engagement you cultivate, whether it be page views or duration, the more effective applying SEO to your website will be.

6. Earn Visitor Trust

A great blogger writes valuable content for your company and serves as a trusted source of information. Combined with the practice of internal linking means your online visitors will spend longer engaging with your website. The longer they’re logged on, the more they will like you, then the greater the potential for readers to trust you.

This will lead to paying customers of your products or services, since people tend to buy from those they trust. Quality customer relationships built on trust eventually leads to an increase in sales, and a good show of return of SEO to your website. 


A website’s company blog is only one facet of SEO optimization. Posting blogs is an investment every week that over the course of a year will pay itself back with interest. When potential clients get to know and like you through your blog posts you’re building customer relationships and applying SEO to your website. Visitors are more likely to trust you. They eventually become customers who will buy your products or hire you for your services. So keep up with your blogging!

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