5 Helpful Lead Nurturing Strategies

lead nurturing

It’s easier to nurture leads from an in-person conference, you exchange business cards with a promise to call them. What about digital marketing? People would rather give up their email address instead of their phone number so digital marketing requires a more involved process. You can’t just hard sell to your leads. Nurturing leads is a longterm commitment to building and maintaining a relationship with your customer.

Consider what happens when prospects find your website from a Google search. They poke around, view your page and are interested in what they read. Your prospect realizes they can learn from you so that when they see your call to action offer on the top right of the page for more free tips, they click to sign up with their email address. Congrats! You’ve acquired a lead. What’s next? Now it’s time to nurture your lead. Lead nurturing is helping your leads make a buying decision with your business. After spending sufficient time educating and advising them as a superior source in your industry, you want them to purchase your products or services over your competition.

We’ve focused on five helpful strategies to nurture your leads. Follow these lead nurturing tactics to effectively guide your prospects through the buyer’s journey.

5 Helpful Lead Nurturing Strategies:

1. Targeted Content

 Create and tailor useful, interesting and entertaining content to target audience members so you can identify the most-qualified leads. Talk about a pain specifically related to your product or service that your audience needs help and relief with. Create how-to articles and blogs with lists of strategies or other educational information that could help them.

2. Timely Email Follow Ups

 Nurturing leads requires following up with prospects in a timely manner to keep them interested and to keep your brand top of mind. Automation with your email campaign can save you a ton of time and effort. For example, automatically sending out a welcome email the moment someone signs up with you can have a huge impact on your relationship with that lead. Then automate future follow up emails with links to engaging information such as blog posts. This will show your willingness to give high valued information away for free and convince prospects that they can count on you for help. Depending on where your lead is in the buyer’s funnel, you can offer special incentives to use your products or services. As an act of generosity, offer a time sensitive discount to act now. Even a free shipping code goes a long way to convincing your prospect you are “it”.

3. Personalized Emails

 Personalized emails is another way to Personalize your emails to strengthen customer experiences. People love to be addressed by their name so use their name at the top of your email to show you care about them. Tailor your email content to their needs, interests and their personas. Haven’t created personas yet? We show you how here. Relevant content in your emails will make your emails more likely to be clicked on and opened. Lead nurturing is not sending emails out to hard sell them, as this will only make people ignore you. Be authentic and genuinely try to help them with their problem.

4. Social Media

This is another outlet to reach your audience effectively and increase awareness of your brand. An ad or a post with a link that points directly to your blog post is a great way to get people back to your website containing high valuable information they can use. People on social media tend to engage with brands more with questions, comments, and even suggestions on how to improve product or service. So its an easy forum for your business to answer questions and overcome any objections to your product.

5. Videos

Prospects that don’t like reading blog posts may choose to watch your videos instead. It’s a great way to share your knowledge freely when explained and displayed in a visual video format. Asking questions and getting feedback from viewer’s comments helps you build quality customer relationships. Prospects that like your videos will love to talk about you and share it. You’ll gain respect and increase your credibility that will help depict you as an expert in your industry.

Lead nurturing is an important aspect of marketing. People want to learn more information because they don’t want to waste their money by buying the wrong product. Share freely your information and make it easier to convince your prospects that your product or service is the clear choice.

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