4 Simple Steps To Get Traffic To Your Website

4 steps to get traffic to your website

Your brand new website has finally launched! Its beautiful. You’re grateful that everything is working as it should. Yay! You’re totally stoked and can’t wait to get traffic to your website. Feeling giddy with excitement, you’re hopeful…right up until a quick google search of your website knocks you off your feet.

Whaaat?! You’re sad to find out your website isn’t showing up in the first several pages of your search results. Yikes! You’re desperately searching page after page of rankings but can’t find it. The realization finally sets in. Your online business is nowhere to be found. You’re not getting any page views because no one knows you exist. <> If you’re not getting traffic to your website, then how do you expect to get conversions out of it? How do you get traffic to your website if you’re brand new? Good question!

The short answer is this. You have to drive your audience over to get traffic to your site. Your website must be the best source of information people are looking for. Share awesome content and get the word out to everyone you know! The more viewers you get heading on over and talking about it, will build your reputation. A good rep will ultimately help your search engine rankings.

So how do you get started? We’ll walk you through 4 simple steps you’ll need to get traffic to your website.

1. Start with a content strategy.
Get traffic onto your website with interesting content. Before you begin writing, create a list of keyword phrases your potential reader would use to locate your product/services when they need you. Then write about it. Write in a conversational tone. Try to keep sentences short and read it out loud. Know who your audience is, and their situation or problem that leads them to finding you. Focus on creating in depth content and offer real value. Supplement your articles with professional photos because a wall of text only turns people away. Make sure your content is relevant to the search terms they’d use on Google. If you want traffic from people searching for lavender scented candles in order to relax, then write about it. They won’t find you if you’re writing about pine scented essential oils during the holidays, right? Focus on staying relevant and connecting with your readers. These are key factors to your content strategy.

2. Then share your content and blog posts.
Harness traffic to your website by promoting it! Create extremely clickable headlines your viewers can’t resist. Share your posts widely on social. Be creative and help stir activity with audience participation. You can run a contest or giveaway that gets people talking. Create surveys! People love sharing their opinions. Run a simple poll. Consider working with influencers to get the word out to people they know. Build your email list with that clear call-to-action subscribe button. Expand to other social platforms. Build a following on LinkedIn and Facebook to generate a source of traffic sent directly to your website. Continue working on writing interesting content with vibrant images.

3. Advertise with social media paid ads.
If you’re a brand new business with a website, consider paid advertising. It’s a worthy investment and the quickest way to getting eyes on your content. Paid ads can send loads of relevant traffic to your website. Know who your audience is and aggressively promote your content to them. You can build awareness ads on Facebook. Facebook ads is a powerhouse at reaching your focus audience. Using their ad tools gives you the opportunity to layer targeting options based on your audience interests and behaviors. What does that do? It ensures your ads get in front of the right people! This narrows the fishing net you cast out to sea, do you see? Ha! Couldn’t resist! I think you get the point though.

4. Go out of your way to reach out and help your audience.
It always feels good to be helpful, doesn’t it? Post resourceful information, how to’s, tips and advice online. Then respond to any questions or comments right away. Be timely. You don’t want to leave anyone hanging for too long. Keep the dialogue open. If you really go out of your way with thoughtful and original answers, people will sense your sincerity. Earn fans and they will talk about you. Sharing your expertise builds loyalty, increases your brand exposure and recognition. How many of us have learned something from a short Tik Tok video and immediately follow that poster? It’s satisfying, isn’ it?! Through offering helpful advice, people will like you, and want more. Be that expert! Knowing what you’re talking about allows others to see you as an authority on the subject. Eventually, you can become established as an industry leader. Becoming an expert in the field is a great way to get traffic to your website.

Once you’re getting a fair amount of views to your website, you can optimize your content and pages. Focus on the behavior and interest patterns of your target audience. Then work on getting leads to convert later. That’s stage two. Get started on stage one with these steps, and get traffic to your website. Here’s a great example on how running Facebook ads can make a real difference to your ad campaign.

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