3 Things Web Designers Hate the Most

3 Things Web Designers Hate the Most

Do you really want to piss off your web designer? Of course you don’t…today’s post reveals 3 things web designers hate the most.
It’s amazing how no matter all the planning and scheduling that’s done, sometimes, a project turns upside down or set aside. What’s even more frustrating is when these situations re-occur. Fortunately, I’m not alone. My fellow web designers can relate to my pain. Don’t worry. This won’t be a bitch fest. I’m going to keep this post brief. There are 3 things web designers hate the most and face more times than we’d like to. Want to know what ruffles our feathers?

Here are 3 things web designers hate the most:

1. Lack of content stalls website.

This happens when content creation isn’t included in the preliminary quote. Stalls occur if clients drop the ball and come up empty on website copy–all while they assumed responsibility from the start. Clients, please don’t let this happen! If you say you have this covered but don’t follow through, your project becomes delayed. As a consequence, completion dates are extended and means we will get paid late. This also affects the start date of other client web projects we may have scheduled on our books. Do you see why this tops our list of things web designers hate the most?

2. Clients set aside their projects for months and makes web designer wait.

Another common occurrence and it’s happened to me more times than I’d like. Projects may fall apart due to many reasons but no matter what you do to prepare from the beginning, sometimes it just happens. The board, the CFO, the director or the CEO just wants to wait. Please folks, don’t let this happen. We have bills to pay. 🙂 Waiting because your project is no longer a priority means we may not hear from you, sometimes up to a year. As you can imagine web designers hate that.

3. Clients approve of something and then request changes to it, for free.

This one baffles me. I design something that’s asked for. They then change their minds and have me return the design to its original state. Clients sometimes think it’s merely a wave of our wand that can magically undo the paid hours of thought, planning and coding that went into the project. It doesn’t work that way, though sometimes I wish it did because things would be much easier to fix. I always try to make customers happy, but sometimes I wonder what they think we’re doing. So many web designers hate this time-waster.

So there. See? I promised this wouldn’t be a long bitch fest. What all web designers ultimately hate the most is when clients don’t pay or expect our work for free. I’m talking about scenarios such as a final installment not getting paid when all work is completed. Or when the expectation of work should begin before any money is paid.

All the rest? They’re just small annoyances that we can survive through, but would prefer not to. 🙂

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