Struggling Because Your Website Sucks? Here’s 3 Reasons Why and How To Fix It

3 Reasons Why Your Website Sucks

It’s happened before. You’re surfing the net, eventually land on a company’s website, but quickly lose interest by what you see. A quick scan-through of the homepage confuses you. You can’t even find the information you’re looking for!  You find yourself thinking, “Wow, this website sucks.” Then you click the ‘back’ button. Not the kind of experience you want your visitors to have when landing on your company website, right?

If your website sucks, then it’s no longer working for you. No one’s sticking around long enough to explore your web pages, or reading through your content. As a result, you’re not getting any potential clients. No interaction on your website means no money is flowing into your business.  Yet, unfortunately many websites are set up this way. Is your company website amazing or is it downright shameful? If you think your website sucks, here are three reasons why, and what you can do about it.

1. None of your web pages are optimized so people can’t find your company website.

If your website is designed and created without any keywords in mind, then you’re in trouble. Google bots aren’t reading your webpages properly, and consequently aren’t adding you to their database. That’s why no one will find you. You’re just floating around in the black hole of the internet.

The Fix:

Research and establish your keyword phrases. You want your company website to show up on search lists when people are looking for your products or services, right? Be sure to incorporate keywords into your content for relevancy. This way Google bots can read your pages and index them, making it easier for people to find you.

2. You’re not solving your prospects’ problems.

If someone visits your website but doesn’t stick around long enough, you’ve got major problems. Your website sucks because your content is not connecting with people. If it’s not relevant to their needs, readers aren’t interested in what you have to say. If your web content doesn’t help people get through whatever it is they’re struggling with, you’re not making any real head way.

The Fix:

Engage your readers with helpful material they’ll either enjoy reading, or find useful. If your company website has content that resonates with your viewers, then great! You’re leaving a great impression. A positive, lasting effect on your prospects means readers will like you. Or even better, remember you. If they hang around your website long enough, readers could eventually convert into customers.

3. Poor navigation and unclear calls-to-action.

Ever land on a company website and think, “Ok, now what?” or “Hmmm…what do I do next?” If so, chances are that website you’re on totally sucks. If you’re not leading your web visitors down a specific customer path, then it’s time to rethink your steps and create a clear route for them to do so.

The Fix:

Determine what it is you’d like your customer to do and make it clear for them to do just that. Create a road map. Want your visitor to read a blog and join your email list? Then create that link so they can input their information. Do you want them to subscribe to your company blog or newsletter? Then add that clear call-to-action at the end of your post. You need to clearly instruct your reader on exactly what it is you want them to do. Steer them towards the right path by using clear calls-to-action.

Make it better.
The last thing you want for your business is a company website that sucks. Now that we’ve gone over what you can do, you should have a clear sense of what your next steps are. But if you’re still having trouble or your website isn’t converting as you’d like, then read this 7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting.

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