3 Key Factors Small Businesses Consider When Choosing A Website Design

3 Key Factors Small Business Owners Consider When Choosing A Website

What really matters when it comes to choosing your business website’s design? Which priorities must small business owners meet before deciding on which web project works best for their business? We recently conducted some research and spoke to SBO owners for their answers on what’s most important: Here we share with you 3 key deciding factors small businesses consider when choosing a website design:

1. Affordability

Price is a big factor in every business decision. Small business owners want the right price. While they recognize a budget is necessary for investing in their websites, affordability is ranked number one among the key factors small business owners consider when choosing a website design. Finding the right price to invest in a website project is only possible when a budget is established.

2. Ease of use

Small businesses owners aren’t looking for complication in using their website. They want their sites to be easy to use. They’re also not choosing a website design that will cause frustration in managing it. The best of small business websites need to be easily updated, without complication, especially while owners are on the go at any time.

3. Reliability

An affordable, easy to use website must be reliable.  Small business websites that appear trustworthy are instrumental in ensuring that prospective customers turn into actual customers. Leads must be fed with with reliable and credible information, all while keeping them engaged further down the line. A reliable website needs to be a good reflection of the business.


Investing in a website can sound expensive, complicated, and technical but it doesn’t need to be. Now that you know the 3 key deciding factors small business owners consider when choosing a website design, are your priorities the same?

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