2 Things That Make Your Website Better

2 Things That Make Your Website Better

Abracadabra! It takes less then two seconds to say that out loud. It takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form an opinion of your company once they’ve scanned your website. That’s a very short window to creating a good first impression. So what can you do to make your website better?

Since many of us use search engines to find a product or service we need, your website has to be capable of grabbing and keeping our attention. So, how do you get people’s attention and hold on to it so that we don’t hit that backspace key?

You will need to focus on your website’s content and images. Providing great content and awesome visual elements will draw people in. Relevant copy engages readers and when combined with strong photos, should convince prospects why they should choose you to do business with.

Why is it so important to focus on your website’s content and images?

Quality Content

Why It’s Important to Focus On Your Website’s Content and Images - content

All copy should be written accurately and with good grammar so that it’s easy to read through. Your website is not the place for misspellings, too much slang, or fragmented sentences. That alone would ruin your credibility.

Remember, your readers are looking for information so the quality of your copy must be relevant.

Your web design should focus on making key information visible for your prospects. One way of doing this is to break up your page’s content into smaller sections of information. Incorporate the use of bullet points and headings. You can also add images to break up heavy areas of text. The idea is to make your content easy for readers to scan and digest.


Why It’s Important to Focus On Your Website’s Content and Images - Photography

Content alone isn’t enough because people don’t actually read, they scan. Your website won’t scan well without great photography.

Include interesting images for the eyes to scan through. People are overloaded with information as it is and won’t want to read a full page of text, much less have the time to anyway.

While professional photography should be your first choice over stock, it may not always be realistic to get high quality pictures right away. If you can’t get your hands on quality photos, then go ahead with stock photography. Just make sure they’re still high in quality.

Of course, you’ll want to stay away from fake-looking stock photos that present unrealistic images of your brand. You don’t want to be deceitful and use pics that aren’t even in your space. All images must feel natural, not staged.

Final Words

Focus on your website’s content and images. Really take the time to tell readers what makes your brand unique. This should be visible on the primary sections of your website as well as woven into other content in the form of blog posts, offers, lists and guides that are easy to understand.

Your website should clearly tell who you are, what you do and how your service is different from your competitors.

Keep your content clear and photos engaging so you can keep their attention and build a relationship.

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